Well it's finally over! Election Day 2016 came and went, are you happy with the results? Regardless, it happened and it's what we live with for another four years at least. But what if Trump WAS actually elected President of the United States? Some things definitely will change. Here is a list of some of those "changes", just for fun and laughs.

  • 1

    Spray Tans

    Today in the United States all spray tans are now half off! To encourage everyone to have that nice orange tinge to match our leader. Spray tan industry will explode for our economy.

  • 2

    New Etiquette Schools

    We can soon expect Scott Baio's new Etiquette School for all those "Bad Hombres". Charles will really be in charge!

  • 3

    New Healthcare

    Anyone who wants to dabble in the medical field particularly the gyno side will get a license to practice free street gynecology appointments. Trump will also make Billy Bush our Surgeon General. Make your appointment today ladies, so you aren't a "Nasty Woman".

  • 4

    Public Speaking Schools

    People are now able to attend the Melania School for Public Speaking. Where you can choose from the world's finest speeches and make them sound just like your own.

  • 5

    The Wall

    You thought traffic in the Sun CIty was bad now? Oh no, my friend. Now that the wall is being built construction on I-10 and the borderland will be interrupted but instead of TXDOT to blame it is now TRUMP. And he didn't even use local labor, he hired the fine illegal hard working folks from Guatemala.