Rage Against The Machine isn't a band we play on KISS FM, but when they announced that they were going to be kicking off a world tour in El Paso, the whole world went crazy. Rage Against the Machine posters had started popping up all over town late in 2019 but no one really knew why. Then it was announced that the concert tour kick off would happen in El Paso but there were no details given. When that little tidbit came out, people started flooding our phone lines asking about when, where, and what was going on and when they could get tickets to RATM, but we didn't know anything more than anyone else lol.

Months later, details were released.

The show was happening at the Don Haskins Center on March 26 and would be the first time the iconic band had toured together since 2011. It was also announced that 100% of all proceeds from the El Paso, Las Cruces and Phoenix shows would go to immigrant rights groups. At the time, there was a huge surge of undocumented migrants trying to get into the United States and RATM was going to give the money to those groups because they were so against the Trump administration's immigration policies. Then COVID-19 happened.

It seemed that almost as soon as the El Paso concert and world tour were announced, the whole thing got put on hold due to COVID shutdowns. For the past year, there has been no word on when the El Paso concert and tour would be happening or if it would happen at all.

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Yesterday, we found out that RATM will set out on tour and the tour will begin here in El Paso. Next year. Yeah. Sucks.

The Rage Against The Machine tour will kick off in the spring of 2022. According to their Instagram post on Thursday, your tickets will be honored for the postponed shows. Refunds will be available at the original point of purchase for 30 days if you are unable to make it to the new date. So there you have it. Hold on to your RATM tickets or get your money back. Click here for more information.

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