There is a new business in town that lets you rent a husband or wife to do anything that's legal. Sometimes Spouse was founded in Waco, Texas when the owner's friend needed a handyman around the house. She said she started renting her husband out and pretty soon, it turned into a business.

I'm lucky because I already have a plumber, cleaning lady, and other professionals I can call on for handyman stuff around the house. If I was going to rent out a spouse, I would use them for other services like:

1. Saturday morning coffee maker - I get up around 3 a.m. Monday through Friday, so on Saturday, I don't wake up until sometime after 11. Darren and I usually try to convince each other to get up and make coffee, so paying for a couple of hours of coffee making and bedside delivery would be worth the money, especially if he looks like Chris Hemsworth.

2. Toilet paper roll replacer - I don't know why in the world replacing an empty roll of toilet paper is such a chore, but it is, so I'd be willing to pay someone, who looks like Chris Hemsworth, to come to the house once a week to make sure that my bathrooms are properly tp'd.

3. DVR manager - Darren DVRs tons of sports and I can't get enough of TCM's old movies, and that means a lot of clutter in the DVR. A DVR manager, who looks like Chris Hemsworth, could go through the recorded shows and delete the ones we've seen and make sure that the shows we want to see in the upcoming week are in the record list.

4. Yard waterer - I love hanging out in my backyard, but since I don't have a sprinkler system, I have to water everything by hand. I don't usually mind doing it, but sometimes it would be nice to just crack open a good bottle of wine and watch someone else do it - preferably someone who is built like Chris Hemsworth.

5. Pillow wrangler - I love pillows. There are about a dozen on my bed, more on my couch and chairs, and even more on my guest bed. I also love my grandchildren, but I do not love the mess they can sometimes make when they use my pillows to make forts. A pillow wrangler could wander around the house and make sure all the pillows end up in their rightful places, and spare me the eye rolling and heavy sighing of my granddaughters as they spend a half hour cleaning up their mess, especially if they look like Chris Hemsworth.

Rent a spouse. This sounds like a good idea to me!

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