Simple ingredients, simple directions and you can make lip balm right at home.

I think this is fun for kids too, especially if they like stealing your lip gloss, have them make their own and I guarantee they will love it.

All the ingredients can be bought at your local grocery store. Bees Wax, coconut oil, some old lipsticks (optional for color), and peppermint oil for flavor. You can even use your old lip balm containers, the round ball looking ones are the best and easy to refill.

It's pretty much a one-to-one ratio on the ingredients and just using a microwave to melt them down. Make sure adult supervision is used when the kiddos use the microwave.

This is so easy it is a great idea to use as personalized party favors or as a project for a girls sleepover party. They totally look like you paid some top dollar to buy them but you made them right at home.



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