Starbucks is going to be closing for training on May 29 in response to the shocking removal and arrests of two African American men in one of their stores. The company says they will use the time for racial bias education of their employees.

If you are wondering where you are going to get your afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee, you might want to try out some of the local coffeehouses that are all over town.

1. Coffee Box - This cool little coffee house is located at 401 Mesa in downtown El Paso. You can grab your coffee downstairs and then head upstairs to enjoy it. The place is totally Instagramable because it is made up of refurbished freight cars and is right across the street from San Jacinto Plaza. And these reviews show that their coffee and pastries are right on target as well.

2. Perks Coffee - This coffee house is on the far east part of town. Perks makes their own pastries, have a patio you can hang out on, and take advantage of their free wi-fi. Judging from their Yelp reviews, Perks is the place to be on the far east side.

3. Avocado Cafe - Proving that a coffee house doesn't have to be big to be good, this little cafe at 1021 E Missouri Ave has limited hours but menu items that dazzle their customers. Expect a lot of avocado dishes, hence the name, and take a look at their vintage finds while you grab some grub and coffee.

4. Caffe Fioretti - This little coffee house is located in an old home at 3429 Montana Ave. In addition to a great menu, they also have coffees and loose teas. It's a quaint hang out with interesting vintage pieces to look at and buy. Grab a meal, a great cup of coffee or tea, and hang out with some friends in Central El Paso.

5. Hive Java Lounge - We are lucky to have teamed up with Hive Java Lounge for Mike and Tricia's Office Invasion. I got the chance to check out their coffee, green tea, and macarons, and let me tell you, these guys know what they're doing! Their lavender latte is to die for, and their menu has something for everyone. Check out this east El Paso gem and don't miss the tres leches latte! It's an amazing treat!

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