El Paso doesn't get much winter weather, but for the couple of mornings that we have to deal with ice or foggy windows, here are a few tips on how to get on the road faster:

1. Make your own de-icer - Ice on a windshield is a pain in the neck and unless you want to freeze your hands trying to scrape it off, here's an easier way to deal with it. First of all, never pour hot water on an icy windshield. It could end up cracking or potentially shattering the glass. In a spray bottle, combine two parts of 70% isopropyl alcohol and one part water. Spray the liquid on your windshield and let it loosen the ice. A couple of minutes later, use your windshield wipers to clear the slush.

2. Help the de-icer - After you've sprayed the windshield, start your car and put your defroster on for the front and rear windshields. Put it on the warmest setting on high. That will help the car warm up on the inside and help melt the ice on the outside.

3. Don't warm up your car - Believe it or not, actual car experts say warming up your car is bad for your engine. It has something to do with gasoline and cylinder walls and lubricants. You can read the article linked, but if Popular Mechanics says not to warm up your car, you probably shouldn't.

4. Avoid foggy windows - Foggy windows happen because of condensation inside the vehicle. Even though El Paso is a dry climate, the difference in air temperature inside and outside your car can lead to foggy windows. To help cut down on that, experts say to leave a sock with kitty litter in your car to help absorb excess humidity.

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