Weddings come with a lot of stress, pressure and timing restrictions. it's only normal to get flustered and frustrated when something just doesn't work out. But no fear, there are some ways to relax on your wedding day and just let everything go with the flow.

I got married on New Year's Eve and the stress levels were through the roof! Will the countdown go off in time? Will the music be good for dancing after the countdown? Where are my flowers? Did my dress arrive in time? So many frustrating questions and I wish I would have known now what it was like and how to take a chill pill on my wedding day.

1.) Hire a Wedding planner - If you have money in your budget, this is the first thing you want to do so you are cool, calm and collected on your big day. Put all that stress on someone else if you can afford it. That's what they get paid for!

2.) Spa Day - If you are getting married later in the day, consider a spa day that day. Get a massage, drink some mimosas, and have a fun time getting ready with your girls. You have done everything possible for your wedding day to be fabulous, so trust yourself and kick back and relax the day of with family and your wedding party. It's good for the soul.

3.) Treat Yourself Well - Take a bubble bath in the morning and eat well. Clean eating will keep your stomach nice and calm. No spicy or greasy foods. Avoid all the joys of stomach issues that come with those foods. And a bubble bath will help you meditate and relax.

4.) Emergency Kit - Pack a toothbrush, laundry detergent pen, sewing kit, allergy medicines, and anything else you can think of in case of a wedding day mini disaster. Rip in a dress? Sewing kit will help. Sneezing and watery eyes? Allergy pills help! All of these precautions will ease the mind in case something arises.

Enjoy you day! Take the time to breathe and look at all the good times that come of the day. No one likes to be stressed, especially on a big day so take some of these tips and make your life so much better. Remember, these are just my recommendations because I've been through it, if you still can't stay calm, at least I tried to help! There are great websites for brides to take advantage of, take a look at those too!

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