If you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings I'm pretty sure you know that I'm not much of a sports girl. I don't mind watching the occasional game to hang out and have fun, maybe drink a couple of beers, but it is definitely not the thing I would choose to do on a fall afternoon. But because fall means football, for the most part, a lot of your friends and family will probably be hanging around the tv or at the Sun Bowl taking in a game.

If you need something to do that doesn't involve football for the next few months maybe you can use these ideas to fill up your I'm-not-going-to-watch-this-football-game-dear hours.

1. Hit up a museum - There are a lot of museums that are open on Sundays. In this era of COVID, you might not be able to check out a local museum on Sundays but they are all open on Saturdays so that covers college football.

Art Exhibition

2. Go see a movie - Most movie theaters now have the comfiest chairs so watching a movie at a theater is just like being at home. Why should your football fanatic be the only one who is comfy? And since you can now grab something to really good to eat at your seat now, this is the perfect lunch and a movie option.

Hand holding popcorn

3. Go get dinner - Call up your friends who also don't like football and you can hit your favorite restaurant and talk and eat for hours until you have to go back home and pick up the post-game mess.

Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar

4. Catch up on your reading - Go get a comfortable chair at Barnes & Noble, drink a couple of lattes, and buy a couple of good magazines. You know me, any excuse to grab a latte. Super Bowl 2022 isn't until February 13 so pace yourself.


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