El Paso may have tempermental weather by the minute, but its Southwest primo location is probably the best reason our city avoids most natural disasters.

Let’s be honest; no city is entirely safe from natural disasters; however, El Paso's unique geography helps avoid many of them.

The Franklin Mountains

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The city of El Paso edges the foot of the Franklin Mountains, a southern tip of the Rockies adjoining both New Mexico and Mexico. Without this southern tip of the Rockies, El Paso would be much more vulnerable to winds and storms.

The Sun

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We’re nicknamed the Sun City for a reason. In a recent study, El Paso ranked 7th in the nation as one of the sunniest places to live, boasting over half a year of sunshine. With an abundance of sunlight, El Paso is easily one of the best places to live.

Power Grid

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As we recently learned, El Paso is not part of the Texas solitary grid, and we were able to avert a city-wide blackout. Unfortunately, the unprecedented winter freeze did leave millions of Texans without water, heat, and power as the grid was unable to sustain itself during the cold snap a few weeks ago.

The Border

President Trump Threatens To Close The Southern Border With Mexico Over Immigration
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For anyone who has seen the 2004 sci-fi climate disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow knows that heading towards the equator is where you want to go to avoid below-freezing temperatures. El Paso's proximity to the border will make it easy to escape towards Tapachula, which happens to be the closest city in Mexico to the equator.  You know, just in case a Super Arctic Storm ever struck our region.

While El Paso may not be completely devoid of natural disasters according to UTEP, our city is positioned in a region that is prone to weather conditions and natural hazards such as:

  • Heat Waves
  • Severe Lighting Thunderstorms
  • Hail
  • Flash Flooding
  • High Winds
  • Earthquakes

Overall, El Paso scores high on my list of best places to live, not just because of the sunny disposition but because its location lessens the possibilities of natural disasters in the area.


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