Is your guy scared to commit? Well, did some research for us ladies and figured out the top 4 reasons guys are afraid of marriage.

#1.)  Guys Constantly Hear Jokes About How Horrible Married Life Is. You've probably seen a thousand movies and sitcoms where a guy is getting married, and his buddies have to talk him out of it.

  #2.)  Weddings Have Become Ridiculously Expensive.  The average wedding in the U.S. now costs $27,000.  And it's not nearly as common for the father of the bride to pay for the whole thing anymore.

#3.)  The Thought of Divorce Is Terrifying.  50% of first marriages end in divorce.  60 to 67% of SECOND marriages end in divorce.  And 70 to 73% of THIRD marriages don't last. And when guys hear stats like that, they end up thinking "what's the point".

#4.)  A Loss of Power.  Not being in "control" is much more terrifying to men than commitment is.

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