A cat who goes by the descriptive name of “Meow” needs a new home. And it better be a big one because the two-year-old feline weighs 39-lbs. That’s three times what an adult cat should weigh or the equivalent to a 600-lb human.

‘Meow’ was recently brought to a Sante Fe, NM, animal shelter because his 87-year-old owner could no longer care for the colossal feline. Learn more about Meow below.

In case you’re wondering, the Guinness Record for fattest housecat is 47 pounds. So if you’re thinking of adopting Meow just for the glory of Guinness, you’d have to fatten him up some more. And that would be cruel considering he is already in poor health because of his weight.

Meow is actually on the path to a slimmer self, having dropped two pounds since being brought to the shelter. But any prospective owner should probably still be ready to put the king-sized cat on a serious diet.

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