You know how northeast El Paso residents are always complaining that they never get anything like the west side? Well, get ready northeasterners, you’re going to get freeway ramp closures just like the westside.

TxDOT began work on US 54 this week and it is going to be a challenge for drivers. The project that will add more lanes, change ramp configurations, and add U-turn lanes. This part of the work on 54 is expected to last about three months, but the entire project won’t be finished until the spring of 2019.
TxDOT has trotted out their standard ‘plan ahead, leave with plenty of time’ advice about dealing with the closures. It’s good advice, but it is getting a little tired.

After the completion of the project you’ll see turnarounds at three intersections on Hondo Pass, Diana, and Transmountain, and US 54 will go from a two-lane highway to three lanes.

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