If you're going to do Halloween at your house you gotta have a jack-o-lantern. For the best jack-o-lantern you need to go to the store, pick out a big pumpkin, take it home, use a knife to cut it open, dig out the guts, make a mess all over your kitchen counter, pick up the mess all over your kitchen counter, put your jack-o-lantern outside and hope it doesn't decompose in the El Paso heat.

Or you could ditch the hassle and use these ideas for a jack-o-lantern that doesn't involve any mess or pumpkins:

1. Glass jar jack-o-lanterns - Paint the outside of the jar with orange spray paint and fill the inside with a string of battery operated Christmas lights. Use as much or as little paint as you want, add some googly eyes or draw on a face with a black marker. You could do a bunch of these jack-o-lanterns in different shapes and sizes, and paint some with scary faces or nice faces.

2. Glitter glass jack-o-lanterns - Instead of painting the glass jars, spray them with adhesive, roll them in orange glitter and continue on with the instructions with the painted jars.

3. Styrofoam jack-o-lanterns - Get round styrofoam balls at a craft store, paint or glitter them, flatten them a bit on the bottom so they don't roll around and place them on a platter. You can use the Christmas lights to wrap around them or just make a bed of string lights on the platter before you put the jack-o-lanterns down.

Happy Halloween!

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