El Pasoans came out in full force to celebrate Halloween this year. The 2021 Halloween parade was filled with so many entries and so many people.

The route was the same but the number of people was insane! Seriously, it was so packed but we appreciate everyone who came out and made the day unforgettable.

We appreciate everyone who participated and those who just stopped by to watch. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

A special thanks to Jack in the Box and BPL Plasma for helping us organizing the parade. Jack in the Box once again sponsored the Buzz Adams Morning Show float, which was Squid Game-themed this year.

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2021 KLAQ Halloween Parade Winners:

Walker Costume Contest Winners 2021

1st: Erica & Andres Macias - "My Little Nightmares" handmade costumes
2nd: Ethan Armendariz - Predator Costume
3rd: Groot

Rock 'N Drive Vehicle Contest

1st: Ernie Portillo - Monster Mash
2nd: Edward Erickson - KLAQ's Revenge Pirate Ship
3rd: Alan & Michele Wiernicki - 1921 Model T Wizard of Oz

Business Category

1st: Melendez Auto Sales - Superheroes
2nd: Touch Bar
3rd: Peridot Hair Salon - Butterflies

2021 KLAQ Halloween Parade Winners

Our annual KLAQ Halloween Parade contests were exciting and as always, hard to judge. El Pasoans also show up and impressive not only those watching the parades but the judges.

We are excited to share photos of the winners for the 2021 Halloween Parade for Best Walkers, Rock N' Drive, and Business.

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