September 5th, 2021 is the day you are going to want to have a light breakfast and join us for a bacon-filled brunch.

Head on over to Wet-N-Wild Waterworld Labor Day weekend, Sunday to be exact, so you can stuff yourself with delicious bacon dishes, enjoy some local music, and cool down in Wet-N-Wild Waterworld.

Sun City Bacon Fest is FREE to enjoy under the big canopy pavilion, just outside the gates of Wet-N-Wild Waterworld. You could really enjoy the day and not only enjoy Bacon Fest but purchase a day ticket to enjoy the extra local vendors and food inside the park.

There will be something for everyone at this event, even though who may not want bacon. Which is crazy but we understand.

Either way, you can enjoy something delicious for a good price and support some awesome local food trucks.

We are still waiting on some info from one more food truck but keep connected to all things Sun City Bacon Fest with the KLAQ app. Download it for free and make sure you turn on your notifications through the app, so you can get updates direct to your phone.

Check out the current list of items that you will be able to purchase at Sun City Bacon Fest. You can start planning now what items you must try and what items you will probably end up ordering for the drive home. Seriously, make a day of it!

YUM: 2021 Bacon Fest Food Truck Menu

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