Sometimes I'm amazed that boys ever make it to their 30s. It seems like they always want to do dangerous things that put their lives at risk. They jump off rooftops into backyard swimming pools, they have Roman candle fights on the Fourth of July, and they jump on bicycles and skateboards to see if they can hold on while getting pulled by a vehicle.

That was the case of these two knuckleheads in a video posted on FitFam on Instagram. The boys look like they are in their late teens and the video starts with them already hyped up about what they are doing. They're outside the car on their skateboards and tell the driver to go. Their ride doesn't last long. Well, I'll just let you check it out for yourself:

So, yeah. I'll bet their parents are real proud of them. I checked the comments section and one of the commenters said that he was the one who didn't eat it a few seconds into the video and that the doof who lost it is ok, so that's good.

It looks like they are on a residential street and there was another vehicle going the other way so those guys are pretty lucky that they didn't get squashed by either vehicle. I hope that the next time they think about doing something like this that they remember what it felt like but they probably won't. Those Insta clicks are just too sweet.

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