We’re taking a closer look at Les Do Makeup, the social media influencer from El Paso that is building an empire.

You may know that Les Do Makeup is a local 26-year old social media influencer with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, but did you know she’s a UTEP graduate with a net worth rumored in the millions.

Leslie Quezada is a native El Pasoan, mother, and fashionista known for her makeup-related content, tutorials, and Baby Girl phrase.  But, her big down-to-earth personality and borderland slang are what hooks her loyal following, which spans worldwide.

Real Name & Social Media Handles

Les Do Makeup

She’s A Capricorn

Les Do Makeup was born on January 3, 1994, making her a Capricorn.

UTEP Graduate




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Les Do Makeup has a Bachelor's in Business from the University of Texas at El Paso and is looking to go back for her Masters.


Quezada’s partner is another Instagram star, Vlex Galindo, also from El Paso, TX.





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Les Do Makeup has one child, a son, Gael Giani Galindo, born at 11:08 p.m. December 6, 2019, weighing in at 7lbs 15 ounces.

First YouTube Video

The first video she ever posted was titled ABH Modern Renaissance Look, which now has over half a million views.

Loves Baking

Apart from her love of makeup, Les Do Makeup also makes videos flexing her baking and cake design skills.

Makeup Line




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In 2019 Les Do Makeup launched her makeup line, starting with an eye shadow palette which sold out six days after it was released online. Since then, her makeup line has grown to include her latest Bake My Day Collection, a collab with LIVE Glam.

Her Most Watched Video

Les Do Makeup’s most popular and most-watched video, "I Made My Own Baby Shower Cake, " has over 2+ million views.

Net Worth

Les Do Makeup has earned a decent sum of money through her social media career and is estimated to be worth anywhere from $100,000 up to $13 million by some online sources. Whatever the amount is, she has managed to create a career out of what she loves to do, and she’s taking the rest of us along for the ride.


While she may not be divulging how much she's worth, the Instagram star is very generous to her fans and community.  Most recently donating to a local GoFund Me and giving away $5K to random El Pasoans over St. Patrick’s Day.

Loves To Cook

Les Do Makeup not only loves to bake, but she also loves to cook and share her recipes with her fans.

Baby Girl




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Baby Girl is what Les Do Makeup calls her female followers, a term that is both loving (de cariño) and catchy. Quezada has also released her line of merchandise featuring the famous phrase.





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Les Do Makeup owns a white Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV.

Previous Job


Before Les Do Makeup became a media influencer celebrity, she was in college, worked as a server, and dabbled in modeling, which led her to start posting online.

It’s always great to see local El Pasoans get their come-up. While Leslie Quezada, aka Les Do Makeup, may have found her dream gig, I respect the fact that she hasn't let her global fame chase her out of town and instead sheds a spotlight on life and culture on the borderland, and that’s pretty awesome in my book.

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