Ok, I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't already know if you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings. I dig me some wine. A glass of wine at the end of the day is such a treat and it's one of the things that makes being an adult bearable sometimes. That being said, wine is expensive. Yeah sure there are $7 bottles of wine out there, but I've had those and they are the equivalent of generic toilet paper. Sure, you could use it but you're not gonna like it.

So if you don't want to drink crappy wine, you will need to spend a little money. My cap is $20 a bottle. Any higher than that and it's either my birthday or Christmas. But I have a lovely neighbor whom I've known my whole life and she was clearing some things out of her house, and lucky me, wine was one of the things she was getting rid of.

Actually, she was getting rid of 12 things. 12 bottles of wine that I would probably never pay for because this lady drinks her the good stuff. When she asked if I would like some wine I thought it would be a couple of bottles of wine but a dozen bottles? Crazy!

So if you ever find yourself in need of more space in your house and find that you have some good bottles of wine that need a good home, feel free to call me. I will be more than happy to take the off your hands and I promise, they will be appreciated.

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