There are some mysteries that may never be solved and that is what makes these obscure photos so very creepy.

What does the Babushka lady have to do with the assassination of JFK? Better yet, what is the Hook Island Monster and why does it look like a giant tadpole. If you think that those photos are pretty tame, think again because the video also introduces the photo of The Copper Family Body. This photo shows two women sitting with two children on their laps, normal right? Well, not when there’s a falling body next to them, as if it literally was falling at the exact moment when the photo was taken, so eerie. Then who can forget the incident that took place in 2013, where the body of Elisa Lam was found inside a hotel’s rooftop water tank. The video shows Lam acting erratic minutes before she went missing. Whatever you may believe, there is no doubt that these are ten of the weirdest and most bizarre pictures around.

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