The utility paid lower-than-expected natural gas prices last year and asked state regulators to approve an 11.9 million dollar refund to El Paso area customers for over-collection of fuel charges.

Your April bill will have an average refund of $13.92 if the refund is approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission.

Last year, EPE customers got about 40 dollars back in refunds. 

My question is, shouldn't they keep the money and use it to offset the costs of the electricity they had to buy on the open market during the winter blast a couple of weeks ago?  I mean, I would like to go on record as saying I don't want the refund!  Keep it EPE!  I would rather it go towards costs already incurred!  I'm glad that you guys are willing to refund the money, but I think it would be better spent on stuff you need to spend it on. 

You know I'm right!

 El Paso Electric is going to be putting some money back in your pocket.