I know the knock on Valentine's Day is that it's a "holiday" for her. Men don't really expect any kind of gift, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't mind getting something. If you'd like to surprise your man, but you're not sure what to get him, here are a few ideas your Uncle Mikey approves of ...

  • Lingerie – I think we all know when a guy buys you a nightie it’s really more for his pleasure than yours. So why not dress up in something super sexy he wouldn't mind unwrapping? Ay, Dios mio! He'll love it.
  • Electronics/Gadgets -- It's like jewelry for men! Get him something high tech that he's been wanting for a while, like an iPad mini or upgraded smartphone.
  • Cologne -- Get him a scent that you find irresistible.
  • Plan a romantic dinner at home for two -- Cook his favorite foods, buy his favorite beer or scotch, rent a movie he's been wanting to see, and refer back to my first suggestion.