'The Bridge', the FX show about crime in the borderland, won't be coming back to tv. It's been cancelled after just two seasons.

The pilot for the show was partially filmed in El Paso, but the gritty portrayal of the city had many locals turning off their tv sets. Apparently, the rest of the country didn't think too much of it, either. Entertainment Weekly says that poor ratings, and a general lack of buzz, is what did the show in.

The first season concentrated on a female cop from El Paso who worked along with a ruggedly handsome Juarez cop to catch a serial killer. The discovery of a body that had been cut in two, and the pieces put on either side of the border, is what opened the show.

The executive producer of 'The Bridge', Elwood Reid told ABC-7 that he researched El Paso and Juarez and felt like there was a lot of material for the series. Looks like we'll never get to see it.