end of the world

Hilarious End Of The World Memes
I think we've all resigned ourselves to the fact that the world is going to end tomorrow, so let's not waste any time trying to hoard PopTarts and water...  Let's laugh at end-of-the-word memes!
Tsunami Waves In Birmingham
Do you ever get the feeling God loves to mess with our minds every now and then?  I think that's the only explanation of these 'tsunami waves' that showed up over the skies of Birmingham on December 16th.
Reminder: the World is Still Scheduled to End Today
I just wanted to remind you to be ready for the Rapture. Sadly, there's a chance you won’t get to dress up like a skanky something-or-another for Halloween -- at least, if you put faith in end of the world prognosticator Harold Camping, who rescheduled his previously missed doomsday for t…
End of the World Guy Suffers Stroke
The Guy Who Predicted the Rapture Has Suffered a Stroke: 89-year-old HAROLD CAMPING - the evangelist who predicted the Rapture was coming back on May 21st - is in the hospital after suffering a stroke.
Apocalypse Not: May 21st Was Just Another Day
We're still here, so obviously the world did not end  Saturday, May 21st.  The man who predicted it would -- 89-year-old California preacher Harold Camping -- wasn't in much of a mood for talking Saturday, spending much of the day holed up in his house, but eventually appear…

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