If you already think that all this Mayan end of the world stuff is pretty outrageous and funny, then you will love these memes!


Everyone and their dogs are talking about the world ending tomorrow. Will it really happen? Probably not. If it does and we survive, you can go ahead and tell me I told you so. Until then, enjoy!

Facebook/Grumpy Cat

Nothing could make Grumpy Cat happier than the world ending.


 No excuses people, just because the Mayans say the world will end doesn't mean you can't get that Furby everyone wants!


 Be safe during holiday travels but if you want to mess with people for fun, I wouldn't blame you!


 Yum! I wonder if the Oreo is the rest of the calendar?


 I rather have the world explode than have to go to the gym! Bleh...


 The King of New Year's Eve is gone and he took our chance of a new year with him.


When the 21st comes and if crazy things start happening, I will be running around with this exact expression!

I hope I was able to give you a quick laugh before you barricade yourself in your doomsday bunkers. See you on the 22nd!