celebrity birthdays

Happy Birthday, Robert Duvall!
Robert Duvall is one of those actors who is in everything, you know his face, but you might not know his name.  He's a true character actor - he makes you believe every character he ever portrays...
Happy Birthday, Dyan Cannon!
Dyan Cannon is one of those old-school dames who could drink, smoke, and cuss any man in the room under the table, but still look like a lady doing it!  She had, and still has, the best hair in show biz, and she starred in one of the funniest films ever made, 'Heaven Can Wait'.
Happy Birthday, Robert Loggia
One of my favorite movies of all time is 'Big' with Tom Hanks and our Birthday Boy, Robert Loggia.  It's a sweet movie from the 80's that really holds up well.  It also has one of the most famous dance scenes in movie history...
Happy Birthday, Jack Hanna!
I have been in love with Jack Hanna forever.  He's so smart, and is so good with animals.  I hate to camp and am no fan of wild animals, but he makes me want to follow him out into the wilderness!  And of coure, he's proof positive that men only get better looking as th…
Happy Birthday, Mary Tyler Moore
I love, love, love Mary Tyler Moore!  She has done so many great things, but most people only really think about her from her Mary Tyler Moore Show.  But I'm old, so I dig her in the Dick Van Dyke Show where she played Laura to Dick's Rob.
Happy Birthday, Gerard Depardieu!
There's nothing like a French accent on a man to make him seem even sexier than he already is!  It even works on overweight guys like our Birthday Boy, Gerard Depardieu!
Happy Birthday, Ralph Fiennes
Our Birthday Boy today is Ralph Fiennes who starred in one of my favorite movies, that I happened to catch last night on HBO, "The English Patient".  He plays a map maker in the days leading up to WWII.  He falls in love with a colleague's wife with disastrous result…
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Beals!
She first came to stardom for playing an 18 year old exotic dancer/welder who was sleeping with her much older boss.  Oh, and she wanted to become a ballerina.  That's our Birthday Girl, Jennifer Beals!

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