El Paso’s Mexican Food Cook-Off 2014
The Mexican Food Cook-Off, presented by Metro PCS is back. The cook-off is held on September 20 downtown on El Paso Street . Come out and eat, drink, and celebrate all that the Mexican culture has to offer.
Top 10 Most-Pirated Artists of 2013
2013 was a big year for new music not only in record sales but in BitTorrent downloads. BitTorrents are illegal files shared online for anyone to download and are close to exceeding legal downloading. Only a few artists actually release their music through BitTorrents but none of these artists did. …
Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions People Probably Won’t Keep
Once the clock strikes twelve, not only will a new year begin but so will tons of new year's resolutions! Some people will try hard to start off fresh in 2014 and others may only last the first few weeks but resolutions will be made. Here are the top five new year's resolutions that contin…
New Year’s Eve Parties In El Paso
Looking for a party to ring in the new year? Well, here is a complete list of all the festivities happening around El Paso so you can start making your plans!