2013 was a big year for new music not only in record sales but in BitTorrent downloads. BitTorrents are illegal files shared online for anyone to download and are close to exceeding legal downloading. Only a few artists actually release their music through BitTorrents but none of these artists did. This might be a Top 10 list artists might not be too happy about.

The easy access to these illegal music files are pretty tempting but the viruses that come along with them, seem to stop downloaders. Free streaming of music has actually led to the decline of BitTorrent downloads but millions of files have still been downloaded.

From Bruno Mars to Linkin Park, no artist is safe from these BitTorrent downloads. Artists still make millions from record sales and concerts so I'm not sure if this illegal downloading is hurting their wallets. Did you buy the actual albums or did you download the BitTorrent file? Don't worry I won't tell. Who do you think will make the 2014 list?

Here are the top ten most-pirated artists of 2013 tracked by Musicmetric:

  1. Bruno Mars, 5,783,556
  2. Rihanna, 5,414,166
  3. Daft Punk, 4,212,361
  4. Justin Timberlake, 3,930,185
  5. Flo Rida, 3,470,825
  6. Kanye West, 3,199,969
  7. Eminem, 3,176,122
  8. Jay Z, 3,171,358
  9. Drake, 3,139,408
  10. Pitbull, 3,138,308