THEIF CAN’T RESIST POWER OF THE REWARDS CARD …Cassandra Holley of Orlando, Florida, (pictured) had just stolen the credit card out of another shopper's purse at a Winn-Dixie grocery store in Deland, Florida, and was in the process of paying for her groceries with it, but she couldn't fight the urge to pass up on the discounts she gets for being a part of Winn-Dixie's Rewards Club.

However, Cassandra didn't have her rewards card on her, so she gave the cashier her phone number; her own actual phone number. When the cashier plugged it in, he noticed the name on the account didn't match the name on the credit card.

He became suspicious, and after she left, told the manager, who in turn called police. The Po-Po used Cassandra's real phone number to track her down and arrest her.

THREE OUT OF FIVE OF US TALK TO OUR CARS: According to a survey commissioned by Jiffy Lube, three out of five Americans talk to their cars.  Here's what they're saying: (They could pick more than one answer)

 50% have thanked their cars for a job well done, like getting them somewhere on time.

 39% say they verbally encourage their cars.  I.e.; "Come on, get up the hill without making me turn off the heat.  You can do it!  Come on, you're a beast."

 32% have apologized to their cars, either for reckless driving, getting in an accident, or putting them through bad conditions.

 30% beg or plead with their cars.

 21% talk sweet to their cars while RUBBING the dashboard, steering wheel, or some other part. 

 And 17% try to bribe their cars by verbally promising them premium gas, a car wash, and other special gifts. Confession Time! How many of the above are you guilty of?

WHEN IS A BANK ROBBERY NOT A BANK ROBBERY? …A man walked up to a Citizen's Bank branch inside of a Stop & Shop grocery store in Cranston, Rhode Island, recently and handed the teller a note written on a torn paper plate telling her it was a robbery. Apparently his penmanship needs some work because she was having such a hard time reading he finally had to tell her, "This is a robbery."

She responded by telling him it was closing time, and pulling down the security screen over her window. Security cameras caught the guy walking away quickly – empty-handed.