VALENTINES DAY MISTAKES TO AVOID: Memo to the fellas! Valentine’s Day is this coming Monday! The day your affection and commitment are put to the test. Forgetting Valentine’s Day is the first mistake to avoid. Here are a few others:

Getting your words of affection from Walgreens or Albertsons
Why it’s bad: We want to hear what YOU think about us, not what some greeting card writer thinks.
The fix: Get some pretty paper, write something that conveys how special we are to you and we'll cherish it forever.

Calling V-Day a Scam
Why it’s bad: Despite all the arguments you may have against the day, it comes down to celebrating your relationship
The fix: If it really pains you to observe the day, celebrate the day before. The most important thing is to set aside some together-time

Texting on Valentine's Day!
Why it’s bad: Texting, emailing, or instant messaging are for reminding her to pick up milk on the way home. In terms of effort, it’s minimal.
The fix: The only suitable electronic items are a mix CD or an I-Pod downloaded with all the songs that remind you of her.

Expecting her to make the plans
Why it’s bad: Making plans is a sign of commitment. The fact that you didn’t put any fore-thought into your time with her is not lost on her.
The fix: Even if you’re strapped for cash or want to avoid overbooked restaurants, picking something up you know she loves and presenting it in a romantic setting suggests you’ve put some thought into your night together, even if you just stopped by the supermarket on the way home.

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