You gotta admit, we were pretty smug on September 10th, 2001.  The economy was strong, all the Y2k nonsense had settled down, we thought the whole world wanted to be us. 

On September 11th, we found out how wrong we were.

When those planes hit the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and went down in a Pennsylvania field on September 11th, we found out just how much some people around the world DIDN'T want to be like us.  We also found out how just one man could change the way the ENTIRE world operates.  Just a couple of things Osama bin Laden is responsible for....

You can no longer leave your car unattended in front of an airport.

You can't go to an airport gate to wait with someone who is leaving or go to the gate to wait for someone who is coming in.

You can't leave your luggage unattended unless you really don't mind having it blown up by the bomb squad.

You can't say you're a practicing Muslim or wear a headscarf or burka without people automatically thinking you're a terrorist.

One man changed the way EVERYONE lives.  One man killed thousands of innocent people and plunged the whole world into war.  Osama bin Laden deserved to die and his death should be celebrated.  He celebrated as our fellow innocent citizens died horrible deaths in the Towers, in the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania.  He celebrated the deaths of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He celebrated the terror he caused.  Should WE celebrate his death?

You're damn right we should.