Valentines day is long gone and you just couldn't muscle up the nerve to say "I love you" to that special person yet? Maybe you aren't ready to give is the big L word, if this is you, here are some ways to say the three most dreaded words in a relationship without actually saying it.


  • 1

    Love Notes

    Sneak a love note into their pocket, lunch, car, wherever you know they will find it and be surprised. Maybe it's just a heart drawn on a piece of scrap paper or a short "have a great day!", this will surely make them feel special and loved.

  • 2


    I know this sounds mediocre but everyone hates a certain chore. If it's throwing out the garbage, take it out for them. If it's pushing the cart at the grocery store, take the wheel. These things make their lives easier for a couple minutes and they will appreciate you notice they hate doing this and they will love you for taking it off their hands.

  • 3


    Who doesn't have a favorite food? Maybe a favorite dessert? Save the last bite for them, maybe even feed it to them and they will love every tasty flavor. This makes them feel like they were worth you savoring it just for them.

  • 4

    Car Stuff

    This one is particularly for the guys. I know it is cold in most of the states and your girl hates getting into a cold vehicle in the morning. Wake up a few minutes early and warm up the car for her! This is a great move to get a nice homemade dinner later...maybe!

  • 5


    Sure you compliment your significant other, but find something new to compliment them on, like how she wears a certain piece of clothing, how he makes a great tie sock combo. Something you wouldn't normally notice and let them know you love it.