10 Things People Commonly Misconstrue
Here’s a fun list of true facts that you may or may not be aware of such as that cucumbers are actually a fruit and not a vegetable or that bats are indeed not blind.
Watch a Samurai Slice a Hurling Baseball in Half
Sometimes the samurai sword is faster than a blink of an eye, as is seen in this video where a highly trained samurai splits a speeding baseball in half.
A samurai was invited to a batting cage to see if he could split a baseball in half with a samurai sword and the result is truly incredible...
Largest Domino Effect Using Sticks Produces an Incredible Sight
It took this guy only five days to create this incredible spectacle using nothing but colorful tongue depressors.
This display was created by TheDominoKing, as he’s known on YouTube, using over 23,000 tongue depressors as they pop to life in this very cool video...

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