SINGLE MOM DATING MISTAKES: When you're suddenly a single mom, and especially when you've been in a long-term relationship, the dating world can be quite intimidating. Here are some mistakes single moms make in the dating department according to relationship experts -- and advice on what you should do to try and not to make them.

  • You wait too long until you start trying to date again. Don't let yourself get too used to being alone. Sure, give yourself time, but eventually start to slowly get into dating again.
  • Getting into an exclusive relationship too quickly. Date around before you decide to make any sort of commitment so you can see what you like and don't like.
  • Taking too little time before you start dating again. Just as you can take too long to start dating, you can also start way too soon. Wait a while, at least until you are feeling OK about the divorce/break up.
  • Becoming intimate too fast. Don't feel that you have to become intimate with someone as a part of dating. You can wait as long as you want until you feel comfortable.
  • Introducing your kids too quickly. Bringing children into the picture is a big deal. Wait until you are on the same page about your relationship before any kids are involved.

OK, WE'RE AXING: Have you made any of these mistakes?  Based on your dating experience, what other things do you think single moms should avoid when dating?

Source: YourTango