RELATIONSHIP REPORT - USING SCIENCE TO SPOT A LIAR: Pamela Meyer, the author of "Liespotting",  has studied people for years to find the most common behaviors of liars, and  now she's sharing her scientific expertise on how to detect them. Here are the eight secrets of spotting someone who might be lying to you ...

#1.) Liars distance themselves from the subject. Like, for example, how BILL CLINTON said "I did not have sexual relations with THAT WOMAN." Saying "that woman" was a way to distance himself.

#2.) Liars use qualifying language. Things like "to tell you the truth" or "if I'm being honest."

#3.) Liars look you in the eye TOO much. They also don't fidget, and freeze their upper body.

#4.) Liars offer up too many details.

#5.) Liars who are trying to avoid punishment are more likely to suggest strict punishments. For example, OJ'S hunt for the real killers.

#6.) Liars put barrier objects between themselves and the person questioning them. Even little barriers, like picking up a pillow, or putting a coffee mug on the table.

#7.) Liars repeat questions before answering them.

#8.) Liars point their feet toward an exit.