A picture is worth a thousand words, but this photo is worth a million smiles.

Jesse Cottle joined the Marine Corps in August 2003, and lost his legs in Afghanistan while on patrol in 2009.  He met his future bride, Kelly, while he was recovering from his wounds during a swim meet in San Diego.  Kelly was a swimmer for Boise State, and she says Jesse was very different, and not just because of his legs, but just because of who he was.  They got married last year and live in San Diego.

They were visiting Kelly's family back in Idaho and as they took family portraits, the photographer suggested a photo in the water.  Kelly told Jesse to pop off your legs so she could take him in the water.  She said it was something they often do, and the photog took a picture of Kelly carrying her husband.

The photog posted one of those shots on her Facebook page, and now it's gone viral.

Jesse says the supportive messages they’ve been getting have been humbling.

I think it is we who are humbled by Jesse’s service to our country, his wife’s ability to see past a disability that many would not, and the devotion to each other that is so plain to see in their eyes.

Jesse and Kelly, you have our wishes for many happy years together!