Once again, an El Paso family is grieving the loss of their loved one in war.  This time, it is the Diaz family who is mourning their son, brother, father, fiancee, Staff Sergeant Christopher Diaz.  And once again, the sacrifice of one of our brave troops was overshadowed by a group of hate filled people.

There is no reason to name that group, they've gotten enough press already.  What needs to be said, however, is that terrorists come in all shapes and sizes, and in all nationalities, but make no mistake - this was a group of terrorists.  They didn't blow up cars with bombs, or fly planes into buildings.  No, they just put out a press release.

The abomination of that so-called "church group" said they would be protesting at the funeral of the Diaz family's fallen hero.  A man they didn't know, didn't care to know, but hated nonetheless.

They don't hate him personally, they hate the idea of him.  They hate that he fought for a country and a citizenry that they feel are mocking God.  They say God hates America - you know why, so I'm not going to say why they feel that way.

But Christopher Diaz didn't hate them.  He went to war, like so many others, and fought for their right to spew hatred and ugliness.  And like so many others, Christopher Diaz died fighting for that right and for so many other freedoms we enjoy.

Today, all we can do is offer our condolences to his family.  Yesterday, hundreds turned out and stood ready to protect Christopher's family from devils among us.  Thankfully, those devils didn't materialize.  They terrorized the Diaz family, and those who would protect them, by saying they would mar a day meant to honor Staff Sergeant Christopher Diaz.  Should we hate those terrorists?  No.  That would put an equally black mark on our souls.  Let demons carry that black mark and then try to explain it to God when they stand to be judged before Him.

Christopher Diaz is with God now.  He has nothing to explain.  Our thoughts and prayers, and the thanks of a grateful nation, are with the Diaz family.  May God bless you.