Veguita, New Mexico is a small town just outside of Belen. With a population of just 250 people, the small town is in shock from the recent happenings.

New Mexico State Police said they discovered Veronica Romero, 34, dead inside of her home in Veguita, New Mexico early last week. Police said Romero did not show up for an appointment last Monday and when they went to her house to check on her, that’s when officials found her body.

Rumors have spread around the small, tightly knitted community that she was attacked in her home, murdered and her body burned. State police have not revealed any information about the case, as it is still under tight investigation.

People in the town are told to take caution of who they let in their home as the community is small and everyone knows everyone. Romero's death comes only a week after a Los Chavez woman was raped and beaten inside her home.