Officials from Lee and Eddy county in New Mexico have announced that they are partnering with an international firm to build an interim site for nuclear waste.

The storage in talk will house spent nuclear fuel that has been piling up at reactors around the nation. The counties of Lee and Eddy have gathered at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History this week in Albuquerque to make an outline of the plan.

What does this mean for surrounding areas? Safety is top priority for the site and also noted is how there is no better place for the site than Southeastern New Mexico. Former lawmaker John Heaton stated,

"there's no better place in the U.S. than southeastern New Mexico to build such a facility since the region is already home to a multibillion-dollar uranium enrichment plant and the federal government's only underground nuclear waste repository."

The interim site is only in the works and the final decisions about the nuclear site will be made as soon as the race for the right spot is named.