David Van Horn, 40,  just served 20 years locked up in the state penitentiary for murder. Now that he is out, he's getting a new lease on life with a job. And not just any job, Horn scored a job with The Department of Corrections.

Horn was hired through a new pilot program aimed at helping inmates who have recently been released from prison to transfer into the real world. More inmates are said to be getting jobs as well if all goes as planned. Horn is a contracted employee as a lead cook supervisor in the New Mexico State Prison serving meals to cadets and other staff.

When Horn was 20-years-old, he murdered a 23-year-old woman and terrorized a small town in southeastern New Mexico. He broke into a home, ransacked it and lite the home on fire with a couple inside. The woman died from the fire.

96% of the inmates in the New Mexico State Prison will eventually be released and the prison feels it is also their job to help inmates get back into society after they have served their times granted they are no threat to society.