One of the celebs celebrating a birthday today is Martin Sheen, birth name Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez.  He has had an amazing career, and heads an acting dynasty that includes his sons Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez.  But I love him best when he's being President Josiah Bartlett in the 'West Wing'!

I've written before about my love of the 'West Wing' , and truth be told, I've got a weird 'daddy' 'powerful man' crush on Mr. Sheen.  I mean, he is the perfect combination of the cool, understanding dad, AND the most powerful man on the planet as Jed Bartlett!  Heck, I would even vote for the man even though I totally do not agree with his screaming liberal politics because he is so H-O-T hot! 

Ok, before I get any creepier about my desperate Martin Sheen obsession, let me try to divert your attention from my stalker confession with a classic scene from the 'West Wing'!

I also love this scene because Jed Bartlett is like me, he loves to use 30 words where 5 would suffice!  Happy Birthday Martin Sheen!