Sometimes it's hard to get make up to match well with different colors of eyes, having brown eyes is the norm and it's great because so many tips and tricks can make a beautiful brown eye look amazing!


  • Metalic Shades

    Metallic shades work amazing on brown eyes, they really make the browns shine and make brown eyes even more mesmerizing! Golds and coppers work wonders!

  • 2

    White Kohl Pencil

    White eyeliner really brings out the natural beauty in brown eyes, makes them sparkle! Just line the lower lid in the corner with come white liner and you're good to go!

  • 3

    Cobalt Blue Eyeliner

    This really makes your eyes pop! I know, it sounds weird brown and blue but it really does! Look beautiful! Get a bright enough blue, navy is nice too but the bright cobalts really do the trick!