Many people have asked me before how I do my eye make-up, so I thought it was time I gave the people (mostly women) what they want!


Photo by Patty Campos












Follow These Steps:

Prep the lid. The key to keeping eye shadow from melting into your eyelid crease as the day goes on is to kept eyelids oil-free. To do this start with an eye shadow primer that you can find at any store that carries make-up. Simply rub a small amount onto the eyelid with your finger until it is rubbed in like lotion.

Apply eyeliner. Apply as you normally would to the bottom of your eye only.

Find a base color, like a shimmery peach or bronze and apply to the whole lid stopping at the crease.    Use face powder to blend where needed at the crease. This color should be something light not dark.

Now on to dark. To start off find maybe a grey or soft black and start applying from the corner of your eye. Almost the corner of your outer eye area and slowly blend towards the inside.

Blend. Blend. Blend. The key to a perfect smokey eye is the blending. I always use face compact make-up to blend but just small amounts.  Make sure you blend all you can.

To Finish the eye get the peach color again and put a small about on the inside of your eye and blend some more towards the outside this time. For added dramatic look darken the crease of your eye.

Now the lashes. Curl your lashes and coat with mascara. Let them dry then curl again and coat one last time with mascara.

Tip: A light spray of hairspray keeps the look longer!