I know, Spring Cleaning is supposed to come, well, during Spring, but if you only knew what our studio looked like, you would have said we should just move and start all over!  Things had gotten a little disgusting. 

The thing is, we all eat, work, hang out, etc., in the studio.  There are, including the brats at the Q, almost 20 people who use the same keyboards, mics, sound boards, telephones, and mouses each and every day!  And if you know anything about Mike, you know he doesn't wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom!  AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!  Seriously, where was that guy raised?  Anyway, there are probably other people who don't wash their hands after peepeeing either, so I thought I would wipe down the phones.  Well, then the keyboards looked gross, and next thing you know, the whole studio was getting Clorox Wiped!  It even smells better in here!  And look, que purty!

Hopefully things won't get gross again, but I'm not really holding my breath.  That'll come later when things get bad again!