"Why can't El Paso have cool stuff like other cities?"

If you live in El Paso, chances are at some point you've talked a little trash about our fair city, but if you think El Paso is all desert sand and nothing special to look at, check out this amazing piece of art that decorates a downtown area El Paso neighborhood.

Darren and I were grabbing a bit to eat on Montana one Saturday, and we drove around afterward to check out some of the historic homes in the surrounding neighborhoods when we ran across the Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe on Brown and Yandell.

The entire front of the building is an amazing mural, but the image of Christ is 3 dimensional, and it is so striking and so beautifully rendered, it just stops you in your tracks.

The Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe helps Hispanic families in a variety of ways including providing health care to disadvantaged families in El Paso.  They've been serving the community for 40 years.  Their committment to the culture and history of El Paso is evident in their stunning mural.  You should swing by and take a look!