When your child has an impairment, sometimes it feels like you are the only family having to deal with such a situation. En Voz Alta is a group that was founded in order to provide advocacy for parents of kids with hearing impairments. The group even holds a summer camp for kids that teaches them social skills, as well as language, and reading skills.

The group is working on getting hearing aids to kids in need. There are a few criteria that need to be met:

  • Kids have to be diagnosed by an audiologist with hearing loss.
  • Paperwork from an audiologist showing the need for a child to have a hearing aid is required.
  • The child cannot be covered under insurance, or can only have limited coverage.
  • If the child already has equipment, that equipment can no longer be under warranty.

There are other criteria that will need to be met, but if you have a child with a hearing disability, you should definitely check out this program, and become a part of En Voz Alta. The deadline for this hearing aid program is June 1st. If you need more information, you can contact Andrea Sweetnam at 915-478-0184, or Angie Lopez at 915-276-5764.