Back in the day, Disney made movies that are now considered children's classics, but were really made for adults who had to drag along the brats to the movies with them.  That's why Bambi's mom dies and no apologies are made about it.  It's also why I love, love, love 'The Sound of Music' with today's birthday boy, Christopher Plummer!

As Captain Von Trapp, Christopher Plummer was about the sexiest damn man this little girl had ever seen!  I saw this movie at the Pershing Theater in central El Paso, not the year it was released in 1959 (shut up, Mike!), but in re-release some years later.  All these years later, the Captain still makes my little girl heart go pitter pat!  If you guys want to know how to kiss a woman for the first time, 20th time, EVERY TIME (!), check out the kiss between the Captain and Maria at the end of this clip. 

I hate to post compilation clips, but couldn't find what I wanted on youtube.  Enjoy, and Happy Birthday, Christopher Plummer!