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El Paso’s Own ‘Grumpy Cat’ Man Spotted Around the City
The human doppelganger of the feline internet celebrity, Grumpy Cat was arrested and charged for a hit-and-run that happened in the Lower Valley Tuesday morning. After taking one of the best mugshots ever, sorry Paris and Lindsey, we have a feeling we have seen this grumpy man around El Paso.
UPDATE: Snow Could Be Hitting El Paso! Run For Your Lives!
It's 8:00 Monday morning, and as of right now, there are reports of patchy snowfall on the far east side, BUT, that doesn't mean school has been affected!  All school districts are on their regular schedules!  Yes, you have to go to school!  Sorry - I tried, but apparen…
Happy Birthday, Robert Duvall!
Robert Duvall is one of those actors who is in everything, you know his face, but you might not know his name.  He's a true character actor - he makes you believe every character he ever portrays...
Happy Birthday, Dyan Cannon!
Dyan Cannon is one of those old-school dames who could drink, smoke, and cuss any man in the room under the table, but still look like a lady doing it!  She had, and still has, the best hair in show biz, and she starred in one of the funniest films ever made, 'Heaven Can Wait'.

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