MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH TRIAL DAY 3: The third day in the Michael Jackson trial centered on what Dr. Conrad Murray did in the moments right before and after paramedics were called on the day Jackson died. Prosecutors charge that Murray had administered a fatal overdose of the anesthetic Propofol. His lawyers contend that Jackson gave himself the drug. Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, and Michael’s personal chef Kai Chase took the stand yesterday.

  • Alvarez testified he saw Jackson on the bed, arms outstretched, eyes and mouth open. Murray told him Jackson had had a "bad reaction." Murray was giving Jackson chest compressions with one hand and said they had to get Jackson to a hospital.
  • Alvarez said Jackson's daughter Paris followed him into the bedroom, crying and screaming, "Daddy!" He got Paris and her brother, Prince, out of the room at Murray's request.


  • Alvarez said Murray then scooped some vials off a nightstand and placed them in a bag. Murray then asked him to remove a clear saline bag from an IV stand and place it in another bag. That bag and a 100-milliliter bottle of Propofol that Alvarez said he saw in the bag were shown to the jury.


  • Chef Kai Chase said that on the day of Jackson's death she was preparing his lunch when a distraught Murray burst into the kitchen and shouted for her to "get help, get [son] Prince and get security."
  • Chase testified that after Jackson became unresponsive Murray ran down the back stairs to the kitchen screaming. She said, "He was very flustered, his eyes were big, he was screaming."

There was also drama outside the courtroom as well, when a woman approached Dr. Murray in a hallway chanting, quote, "murderer" and "judgment day is coming."  She was escorted away.

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