THE MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH TRIAL - DAY TWO: Day two in the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray included testimony from Michael Jackson's personal assistant and head of security. Among yesterday's revelations ...

  • Michael Emir Williams, Jackson's personal assistant, says Dr. Murray was "frantic" on the day Jackson died and left him an urgent voice message. “He said, 'Get here right away. Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction.' Williams said he returned Murray's call minutes later and recalled that Murray said Jackson had a bad reaction and that he should immediately send someone. Jackson's assistant noted that Murray did not tell him to dial 911.
  • In establishing a timeline of events, the prosecution established that Murray called Williams at 12:13 p.m., rather than calling for an ambulance. An ambulance wasn't called until 12:20 p.m.

When defense attorney Ed Chernoff suggested that Williams should have known to call 911 based on Murray’s phone call, Williams disagreed. "When I hear someone had a bad reaction, I don't think anything fatal," he said. "He didn't tell me to call 911."

Faheem Muhammad, the ex-chief of Jackson's security team, said when he went to Jackson’s bedroom on the day he died, he found a sweating and nervous Murray trying to revive Jackson, with the singer’s two older children Paris and Prince in shock, "Paris was on the ground, balled up and crying."


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