Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Antonio Banderas
Age: 52
Occupation: Actor
Known For: Films such as ‘Evita,’ ‘The Mask of Zorro’ and ‘Philadelphia,’ his voiceover work as the bee in the Nasonex ads and in the ‘Shrek’ and ‘Puss in Boots’ franchises, and his marriage to plastic-surgery victim Melanie Griffith

Angie Harmon
Age: 40
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Playing attorney Abbie Carmichael on ‘Law & Order,’ and her current role as Detective Jane Rizzoli on the TNT series ‘Rizzoli & Isles’

Justin Theroux
Age: 41
Occupation: Actor, Screenwriter, Director
Known For: Being the latest man to get-it-on with Jennifer Aniston without having to put a ring on it.

Rosanna Arquette
Age: 53
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Numerous television and movie roles, including playing Matthew Perry's obnoxious wife in ‘The Whole Nine Yards,’ and inspiring two of the most classic jams of the 1980s: Toto’s ‘Rosanna’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’